Who We Are

The Livable Forest is a online marketing platform designed to help support businesses in the Greater Houston Area through our perks program, online selling platform, sponsorships, fundraising and business services. Our mission is to create a community ran platform that meets the needs of the people.

How Can I use The Livable
Forest 360 Funding

You can use this platform to raise money for charity, business and projects. Every time a new campaign is listed the latest one will appear at the top of the homepage.

Who can I get pledges from?

People from all over the country and world visit The Livable Forest 360 Funding every week, but support always begins with people you know. Friends, fans, and the communities you’re a part of will likely be some of your earliest supporters, not to mention your biggest resources for spreading the word about your project or cause.

Does it cost to create a campaign ?

It is free to create a campaign but there is a 10 % fee when cash out happens at the end of your campaign time. Please factor this fee into your campaign goal. You can cash out at anytime but you have to have a minimum of $100 in your account.

How do I cash out ?

When your campaign ends you can request a withdraw on your user dashboard and your campaign will receive 90% of what was raised.

How do I get in touch with questions?

You can reach out with your questions through this contact form.